The Power of Water

The Alkaline Water of Monchique

Monchique Resort & Spa is set in a visually striking location. But that’s not all that makes this place special…

A short walking distance from the resort lies Caldas de Monchique, a picturesque village and source of Monchique’s famous mineral water, dating back to Roman times. With a high PH, at 9.5, this natural spring water is considered one of the highest alkaline waters available in Europe. It is renowned for its natural healing properties and a smoother and silkier taste. This artesian water is highly refreshing and rich in age-fighting antioxidants. Many believe in its magical-like qualities, helping breathing and bone related problems. The water is bottled here and distributed across the globe.

Our Caldas de Monchique Walk will guide you through the village to explore this beautiful ancient place and taste the water right from its source – the famed fountain.

You can also enjoy the benefits Monchique at our Sensorial Spa.
Here you can indulge in pure relaxation, combined with breath-taking views of the mountains and the coast, sure to make you feel the magic of Monchique.

The region is home to many special retreats, such as buddhist and spiritual temples with unique and positive zen energy. It’s a place that welcomes peace and encourages reflection. May it be the undulating hills dancing in the low morning clouds, or the perfect weather for a walk thought the year.

One thing is for certain – Monchique is magical.