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DHM Golf

We are DHM.

In 2012, we began managing a collection of tourism properties. Today, we do much more than that. As a group, we currently manage 18 hotels and three golf courses, whose teams are fully dedicated to adding value to our visitors’ experiences every time they are with us.
Experience and attitude are the keywords that define us.
We believe there isn’t another way of running a business.
We want to make a difference in everything we do, so that no one forgets what they have experienced with us.
For this very reason, in addition to our informal approach, we are authentic: each DHM property has its own identity, which reflects its location and local culture, cuisine, traditions and natural surroundings.
We know we are fully capable of this, while streamlining the management, sustainability, and performance of our properties.
Join us.

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When choosing a golf holiday, not only can one practice his/hers favourite sport, but also regain some form of physical well-being and mental health by combining a relaxing, nature-oriented stay with the improvement of one’s golf technique, whether you are an amateur or a professional.