Life in the city can be chaotic.
Cluttered with continual digital notifications, that are already proven to be addictive, your day to day is filled with this crazy need to feel connected…to the internet. We check our phones every other minute. And if we don’t, we can’t relax. Forgot your mobile at home? You would better get back, no matter how far you already were.

This is toxic.

Digital Detox is unplugging yourself from this technological pollution to embrace a more natural and healthy lifestyle, even if just for a few days.

How to do it:

Strip the batteries.

Like any other addiction you must remove the hazard. Turn off your mobile, your computer. Leave them at home and go outside. It will hurt the first few times, but if you can do it, you’ll see how much you don’t really need them and how much you’ll appreciate it. It gets easier each day.

Appreciate the moment.

“Carpe diem”, without a screen or a notification bip distracting you, you’ll be able to enjoy the moment and your day fully. Read that book that you’ve always wanted to read, or do something productive – do sports. It’s great for keeping your mind busy and relaxing you at the same time. Plus, it’s healthy!


Travelling to a more secluded and natural area is perfect, as it makes sure you stay away from the city chaos. Instead of traffic, listen to birds. Instead of connecting to Wi-fi, connect to nature. Go somewhere you can completely relax.

Start easy.

Some people like to do these things dramatically. They’re the ones that are vegan in just one day or leave their phones at home and go climb the Everest without ever climbing their neighbourhood hill. These people tend to fail. Just because these things need practice and patience. Start easy and go somewhere where there’s internet, a mobile signal, but does provide distractions and the opportunity to disconnect.

Here, at Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa, overlooking the undulating hills of Serra de Monchique, we believe that a proper Digital Detox, like any other Detox, is a voluntary act. It’s there if you are willing to do it but we never enforce it. Why? Because we understand that life is not about extremes and limitations. It’s about exploration and limitless discovery. We would never stop you, we are here to help you.

For that, we created amazing and free activities, that helps you get or stay in shape, explore nature and the beautiful surroundings. You can also find pure relaxation at our amazing Spa , and our staff are ready to make your holiday peaceful and digital free.

Book now and unplug your phone upon arrival.

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