The best wines in the Algarve

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Protected by a mountainous barrier from the dry Nordic winds, Algarve is one of the best places to grow vineyards. Facing South, with more than 3 thousand hours of sun, this Mediterranean paradise is not only perfect terroir to produce but also to enjoy wine.


At Monchique Resort & Spa we provide several in-house wine tasting events throughout the year, as we believe that our setting is best paired with a glass of wine. We also provide booking for a few interesting wine tasting locations. And you can always enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one at our Mezzanine Bar, with its breath-taking view of a perfect sunset.

There are plenty of excellent wines in Algarve. It’s hard to pick just one, but the Paxá Special Red it’s on the top list for this winter. From Silves, a town close to the Resort, this Red is robust, made from Syrah, Aragonez , Alicante bouschet. Its rich aroma of black woodland fruit and long lasting finish are best paired with traditional winter dishes like curated meat or cheese. Perfect to be enjoyed at one of our suites overlooking the undulating hills while the fog sits for the night.


From another very close vineyard, the citrus coloured, smooth and well-balanced Grace Vineyard white wine is perfect for an elegant event. From Quinta dos Vales wine estate, this wine provides a memorable and pleasant finish. Just like that special moment.

A Different Kind of Mountain Retreat

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A mountain retreat always seems difficult, you can already imagine a hard and treacherous journey to this hotel, in the middle of the woods. The weather is nothing like the photos, where the ocean like fog is just below the footsteps of the hotel – It’s raining. It’s freezing cold. Just like where you came from.

Then there’s Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa.

Located in the south of Portugal, where the weather is better than the photos, having a sunshine that, even in winter, makes your days bright; where the road is easily accessible by the main highway, and where you are at the top of Algarve; where instead of mud you can have sand at your feet, as at a 20min. drive there’re striking beaches.

Here, right after the light winter rains, the green is the background colour to a vast selection of activities that make you rest while being active. Nothing is imposed, but it’s there, easily booked at the leisure desk. Wellness is a priority, but relaxing comes first. The comfortable and large Panoramic Suites give a painting like view with a spectacular and private sunset.

The Spa.

Just like any mountain retreat worthy of its name, it has a decent spa. But Sensorial Spa is way beyond decent. It’s amazing. Not just because it supports a complete thermal circuit that makes sure you find pure relaxation, but because therapists are the most thoughtful people you’ll find. It’s easy to let them take care of you and you’ll never regret it.

The food.

Food at Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa is not just for consumption, it’s to savour. The flavours are international, but you can taste the native ingredients in every dish. You can tell right away that there’s a proud Portuguese chef behind the carte. Taste anything and enjoy everything.

If you’re looking for a mountain retreat to rest and relax, Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa is the best in Portugal.